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The kingfisher pool is open for fishing for under 17's, senior citizens (60+) and people with disabilities.  Each of our pegs are level access to a flat path all the around, ideal for wheelchairs and people with mobility issues. Membership is £10 for under 17's and people with disabilities and £15 for senior citizens (60+).  See membership & rules page for details.

Kingfisher pool is full of roach, rudd, skimmer/bream, perch and tench. Small fish are easy to catch, while the larger specimens have seen it all before and are a real test of technique.

Most baits work well throughout the year, as do most techniques. Pole fishing is popular on this pool.

Access is via Myton fields or over the river bridge by Avon street.


Why We Needed this Venue


For many years a group of local anglers offered local children the chance to attend a ‘Beginners Angling Course’


Then one year the insurance industry decided they would no longer cover the risk of children being taught to fish from river banks. This left the anglers with no suitable venue.

“The Need was Born”


‘Kingfisher Pools How It was Achieved’


Once the idea was conceived the anglers started fund raising, finding a suitable site and creating a design. Many people were involved, and with Warwick District Council (WDC) a plan was drawn up.

The site close to St Nicholas Park and Myton Fields was leased from WDC. Local sponsorship and funding from a sports lottery grant of £181,000 and in 1997 enabled the pools to be built.

Kingfisher Pool is a horseshoe shape with 37 fishing platforms, each having room for two persons. This provides room for a child and adult or a disabled person and a companion including the wheelchair bound.


Kingfisher Pool The Wonderful Legacy


Kingfisher Pool is a unique facility specially designed for use by the disabled and children. It provides a central, safe place to enjoy the pleasures of fishing in attractive surroundings. There are tarmac paths to all parts and the platforms are designed for maximum safety. Wheelchair access is on tarmac paths right down to all 37 platforms.

Cars can be parked as near as 40 metres on Myton Fields.

The pool is stocked with tench, roach, perch, rudd, crucian carp, and bream. Any other species caught have entered the pools from the river during periods of flooding.

The natural environment has evolved naturally and has developed into a wonderful wildlife area. Only native species of flora are allowed all others being removed by our maintenance team. This is because the area now supports a large variety of birds,  butterflies,  insects, mammals, reptiles and amphibians that require native flora.


Kingfisher Pool

The site provides a specially designed safe fishing venue.

Fishing is a fun, challenging, exciting, enjoyable and healthy sport.

In conjunction with WDC we maintain the site and provide fishing for children aged 6 - 17 years and for disabled persons of all ages plus senior citizens aged 60 and fully retired.

Annually in May and June we run a Beginners Angling Course.

Each year The Annual Anniversary Open Day is held in June (on the nearest Sunday prior to the 16th June). Each year we run some kind of event to commemorate the original opening day. Unfortunately in recent years, like many things, this has been impossible.

There is plenty of wildlife around the pools and it is an ideal place to learn about and watch wildlife, so even if the fish aren’t biting there is lots to see. 


Want to Join in the Fun?


An annual permit to fish Kingfisher Pool costs £10. It entitles the holder to fish 365 days a year. There are no day tickets.

Permits are obtainable from Bailey’s Tackle, Emscote Road, Warwick.

Access is either through Myton Fields parking area  or over the river bridge by Avon Street.

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