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A walk round Kingfisher pool

The Kingfisher Pool complex as you will see as you walk round is a wetland area consisting of 3 pools surrounded by native species grasses, trees and plants.

We have a large number of flora, birds, insects, butterflies, mammals and fish.

There are areas given over to native vegetation, grass and woodland.

Not only does it provide a lovely place to walk with an ever changing vista during the seasons.

This lovely place also helps provide oxygen to breathe and a storage sink for CO2. The pools collect and store CO2 in the water and hold it there. The grass and other herbs, as they photosynthesis create oxygen and collect and store CO2 in their roots. Trees are also excellent at providing oxygen and storing CO2. Increased CO2 is blamed, at least in part, for global warming and as fresh water stores at least as much if not more CO2 annually than flora it is wonderful place.

Unlike land, water does not release CO2 when it rains. Instead, it retains it but the rain washes some CO2 from the land into the pools.

The 3 pools and adjacent river collects the runoff and CO2 and stores it. Sites like Kingfisher Pool are vital to protect the environment for everyone to enjoy and to marvel at what nature does for us.

Enjoy your walk. Tell us what you see and send us photos. That way we can keep check on the flora and fauna that occupy the site. Be the first to send us photo of a moth taken on our site.

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