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Kingfisher Pools Renovation

The Junior Angling Committee are delighted to announce that 2 weeks of renovation work for Kingfisher Pools will begin on Monday 20th February 2023. This will involve removing silt from King Henry Pools and re-installing pond-dipping platforms, as well as undertaking bank erosion work on the main Kingfisher Pool.

Phase 1: Preparation Work – unwanted vegetation & self-set trees around the edges of the pool and brambles on the banks have already been removed to give access to the site and also create an area on which to temporarily deposit silt, once removed from the pool.

Phase 2: Removal of Silt & Reeds – Aquatic Solutions, a specialist company, will use a thruxor machine and clam shell dredger to remove silt and weeds from King Henry Pool. They will also remove aquatic plants from the margins of Kingfisher pool, to allow bank erosion work to be completed, kindly funded by Warwick Town Council. This will not harm any fish and an ecologist has been fully consulted.

During this phase temporary fencing will protect the pools and restrict pedestrian access around the site. Some fencing will remain around any deposited silt while it dries.

Marmax Trimdon AC 14 (1)[1558].JPG

Phase 3: Pond-dipping Platforms - Two new pond-dipping platforms will be installed in King Henry Pools in March ’23, to allow local youngsters to enjoy this wildlife pond once again. Surrounding areas will be re-seeded with wetland grasses and flowers.

This is a joint project between the Junior Angling Committee and Warwick District Council and has been made possible due to a generous grant from King Henry VIII Endowed Trust and kind donations and grants from other local trust and groups.

For any queries call 01926 456033

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